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Adding an Outdoor patio area with a fire pit creates another space to your home to enjoy nature and relax with family and friends.

Hardscapes By Yardscapes Of New Bern, NC

Adding a Paver Patio and Outdoor Kitchen Will Add Value To Your Home And Will Be Very Relaxing. We Serve New Bern, NC and Surrounding Areeas
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Now is a great time to Install a paver patio to your home to entertain your family and friends. 


Hardscapes add nice value to the re-sell of your home.


A nice patio makes enjoying the outside even more fun. Add in some sitting walls and a firepit, then light the grill.
If you are installing your own patio....remember this the foundation is very critical. Make sure your soil and gravel get the plate compactor run across to pack it all in for a nice foundation for your pavers.


Landscaping adds up to 20% more value to your home. A nice landscape plan is the start. Patios, retaining walls, and ponds also help.


Landscaping adds value to your home. Install new sod and keep it watered twice a day in early morning and late evening for about two weeks. Install a french drain to eliminate any drainage problems.

Landscaping, Sodding, Patios, & Ponds

Spring is upon us now! It's time to take care of any outdoor landscape projects. Let Yardscapes, Inc. help you design your perfect landscape oasis.

Water Features & Ponds

Installing a water feature or pond is an awesome addition to any landscape. Call Yardscapes, Inc. today.

Landscaping & Sod

Spring is here and it's time to do some landscaping, and install new sod.
Landscaping New Bern, NC call Yardscapes, Inc.